Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Justice Set

I made this whole set for a chapter in Cutest Lil' Jazz Singer for my character, Justice. They are pose list compatible, and (yay no more alt key!) they snap together.


You may have to move the bench around using the alt key. I know, I know, I said no alt key. You have to admit it's easier when it's furniture! Just place her first and look at her right hand to tell where to put it. :)

Wait a minute! How did Darren sneak into this? And Annie too! Didn't anyone tell them this is the Justice pack? Oh well, here they are. There's another pose of the two of them that I'm including as part of a future "scared" pack.



Alright. Again. You have to move the chairs using alt once you've got them where you want them, then place the table. Same thing goes for the next three as well.



Hold up! That's not Justice either. What's the matter with those two? Can't Eric and Gloria let Justice have the spotlight every once in a while without the two of them trying to steal it? Geez!

At any rate, they're showing us how it works on a bench as well. (and no alt needed for the bench)


Way to go, guys. You sneaked back in.

So, in a nutshell:
couple 1: f on park bench while m leans over to wake f up
couple 2: m grinning at f while f looks nonplussed.
couple 3: m holding f while she cries
couple 4: m wiping f's face with an imaginary washcloth.
couple 5: kissing. 'nuff said.
couple 6: looking into eyes.



Lastly, I always throw in a teaser so here ya go. I'm working on fight poses. This one has had little fixes done to it since this picture's chapter.

Oh yeah, also, I'm revamping all my old ones to where they'll snap together as well. When all of that is done, I'll post it all in one page as well as each set's original page.


  1. You're very talented! I have read 'A moment in time' and 'Story with no title' and love them both too, I wouldn't know where to begin with making poses, but I have stolen all yours as I am planning a story for after christmas (I get showtime, supernatural and seasons for christmas, and to make it flow properly I thought it should start when I have all three) Is it ok for me to use them if I blog about them? I will of course put a link back to here so other people can find them too :)

    1. Of course you can use them! I put them out here for people to use them. I get a little thrill when I'm reading along and -- "something about that picture looks really familiar.... what is it? OH! It's my pose! Neat!" Literally, that's my thought process. :) Making poses wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, even if I have loads of room for improvement. It's a little like learning how to use modeling clay only with the click of a mouse. I still need Showtime. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas too! Thank you for reading my stories, and I'm so thrilled you love them since that's my true passion.

      Looking forward to your story. Shoot me a link when you've got it started!

  2. LMAO, I loved your commentary throughout this post! :) And the poses of course. And Hot Doctor Man. I'm glad he found his way in here... *drools*

    1. I loved putting in the commentary. I'm glad I have that Brooke legacy to do commentary style because it's fun. Yeah, I was shooting for another chapter when I went in to see if some fixes had been... fixed. :)