Friday, February 15, 2013

Bar/Counter Top Poses

Hi everyone out there in internet land!
I've had these hanging around my folder for a little while now, and I decided to go ahead and release them.  I'll have more bar poses coming soon since I need them frequently in my stories.
Pose list compatible





(the guy holding up the glass sitting at the bar. Sorry for the bad example for this pose.)


They snap together.

I'm still working on getting my hot tub poses to snap together. Thus far, I've gotten 1-3 working correctly.


  1. YAY! #3 is my absolute fave! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you :D

  2. These are going to be so useful! Thank you! I meant to comment before, but I wanted to add that I *love* your slow dance poses. I tried them out in game the other day, and the look on his face in pose 1 is hilarious and absolutely perfect. Great job! =D

    1. Whoops, I did it again. Supposed to be a smiley at the end, lol. :)

    2. LOL :D I understand fast typing. This backspace button will probably get worn out faster than any other key!

      I'm glad you love these and the slow dance poses too! Those slow dance ones really kicked my butt almost to the point of tears! I DID them for that expression in pose 1 hehe, so I'm glad you like that the best.


  3. Number 3, second picture: That girl in very authentic 1920's dress makes me laugh... (I am, of course, talking about the raver girl to Mr.'s right.)

    Seeing this reminded me (although it is completely unrelated really) that when I was posing for my last chapter I kept scrolling past one of yours where the description was 'm kissing f whether f wants it or not' and it made me laugh every time I saw it :p

    (I also can't see Erin posing like that first one in public, or Bryce just standing there like he doesn't know what to do, lol. Erin does show off the back of it well, though)

    1. LMBO!!!! Um, yeah. I cropped her out of the story pics cuz I was a little lazy that day. I mean, I'd already designed her a 20s outfit and then the game crashed and I lost it. I knew what I'd wanted for that shot for the chapter, and that was the ONLY ONE I'd taken from the back. I wondered if anyone would notice her VERY inappropriate for the period clothing. But then I'm like, 'nah, people are just looking at the pose. besides, I'll make a nice cropped one for the title pic so that not even Rick gets in the way.' haha!

      LOL I crack myself up sometimes when I write those things up. I mean come on! What am I SUPPOSED to put? It demands that I put in something, so I decide to give it what it asks for! I wondered if anyone actually read the descriptions. :) That has to be from my first couples pack. I love that pose.

      Oh yeah, that pic. Yeah. That was way back (weeks ago *cough*) in the beginning of SWNT. The same photo shoot for my first couples pack to tell you how long these poses have been sitting around. It was made (obviously) for Gloria to get all snippy with Sam. Yeah, Bryce looks ridiculous just standing there. You KNOW he'd so take advantage of that situation if it were 'real' and be right back in her face. That, or behind her... hm....


    2. Haha, I love when EA puts sims in extremely bright clothes. I went in CAS yesterday and the sim that popped up was dressed so brightly that I decided to put her in my town :p

      I like the descriptions! Loads of people just write 'male' or 'female', but the thumbnails are too small sometimes, and some of mine then the thumbnails are all mixed up (there's a child pose that has an adult couple pose as the picture, and it makes some creepy looking sims when you get it wrong! They're not even from the same pose pack!)

      Lol, just lol. I don't even what to think about what Bryce would do :p

    3. I think that sim has the insane trait. That, or the inappropriate trait. I can't remember if I'd at once had Marcus (the oldest) go after her. Then I just got fed up with her. She's one of the more entertaining townies.
      That's cool! I love seeing what CAS gives me when I first log into it.

      Yeah, those pictures are all so dad gum tiny that it drives me nuts. Plus, I have so many poses in my game that it takes ages for the thing to load. So, I have a 3-ring binder with pictures of all the poses and their codes.... if I have their codes. No codes.. I'm probably not going to use them.

      Oh, I know exactly what he'd probably do.... although he SHOULD probably drag her off to the bathroom first (or the nonexistent breakroom lol!). Ugh, I have such a dirty mind. lol.

    4. The ring binder is a great idea!! I may do that! I don't have a printer though, and I'm awful at drawing... hmm...

      Lol!!!! I love your dirty mind ;p