Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Third Couples Set


Here we are with my third set of poses that I can't categorize as anything other than a couples pose.
A couple of them were requests from Lckygrl for her story Painswater Pointe.
Pose pack compatible
Snap together


This couple is at bed height.


requested from facebook
This couple is at ground height so use OMSP to raise to bed level.


Then, I thought this couple looked too stiff, and I made others. I decided to keep the original as well, so I gave the next ones the _a _b things.


the child:
(was originally going to be used with _b, but then I changed my mind)


Sets 18 and 19 are requests from Lckygrl1975 for her story Painswater Pointe.
Due to a miscommunication, I made a few variations of 18 until I figured out what she wanted. I kept everything.






 (pic without all the crazy writing if you prefer)

As always, let me know if there are any problems!


  1. Awesome, awesome! Thanks so much. I love your poses and use so many of them. =D

    1. You're welcome! I love reading your stories, and I get a kick out of seeing you use a pose I made. :)

    2. This set is going to be all over my next update. =D

  2. Ooh, a nice big one!
    I nearly pressed 'download' out of habit... I don't think they would be much use on my tablet...

    I love you poses too. They're very versatile and can be mixed and matched easily. Couple poses, n o t so much, but you know what I mean.

    1. It kinda got out of control hehe. It's really 5 poses with alternates.

      :( I'm so sad about your computer. I hope you guys can figure out something to do about it sooner rather than later.

      Thanks. Yeah, I know what you mean. I even attempt to mix the couples ones at times... means a little photo editing later but yeah. :)

    2. Uh, 16 - Elena and Greg.
      Hunny... I hate to tell you, but Greg is dead. You need to let him go and start to move on, Elena is, you should too...

      I'm back :) My latest chapter, uploaded today, has loads of your poses in, and I didn't even realise until I was proofing! Haha, I guess because I have all your poses, they take up a HUGE chunk of my poselist. I don't tend to look at creator, even though I recognise the sims used in the thumbnail anyway.

      Anyway, I came here to download this before I completely forget :)

    3. LOL I used QoD to model a scene for a Christmas pose contest, and it was from a save from just after Greg 'died' and I kept the sim around in case I needed flashbacks (that was also before I knew how to turn off freewill, and the dead guy would wander into the shot in an irritating fashion LOL). So, I was taking shots for other poses as well, and 16 was one of them. :) Tells you how long these have been sitting around in a way.
      :( But even though she really loves John, part of her heart will always belong to Greg. I thought about photoshopping in a heaven look, but I thought that was overkill.

      Ooooo! I'll read it tomorrow afternoon, um, today afternoon! :)

    4. Lol, 'died' :p
      I'm lucky. Aprils house has a huge double garage, and only has garage doors, so sims cant get in there. I just use testingcheats to teleport them in there out of the way :D Lol, I know, mean.

    5. I used either 18 or 18a today ;) look out for it in my next legacy update, coming out midweek I think.
      I honestly don't know how I would have done the scene without it! You know when you have a scene in mind, and then look through your poses and have to change it slightly? I was like "Oh, but I can't do that, I don't have the poses... Oh, yes I do!" :D

      Thank you again!

    6. That clump of pose 18 ... when Lcky described it to me, I was thinking 'why isn't there something like this already?' I'm sure there might be, but maybe not the specific expression. Anyway, my point is, it's very useful. :) I look forward to seeing it! I just read yangthecat's Summerdream chapter, but my brain isn't functional enough to make a decent comment... even if I'm responding to one now. That's easier. It's just so cool to know I've helped y'all do more.
      And no, I no longer have that feeling of 'I can't do that scene because I don't have the pose'. hehe. No, I have the 'oh no. I can't find that someone else has made it just like I want it. crap. Now I have to make it because I just have to have it.' :D lol

    7. This pose set was incredibly helpful for my last chapter. When I go in to shoot a scene, I'll do what I can with the poses I have, and sometimes the tone of the scene when I write it changes based on the pictures. The scene where I used your 18 set here would have probably been more hostile and argumentative if I didn't have this sweet new set of poses. So, definitely very helpful and useful set.
      The facial expressions are really great in this set, too.

    8. I used to do the same thing when prepping for a scene, and sometimes I'd spend ages CG'ing the pictures because body parts would go through other body parts because I was crazily trying to combine different poses.
      And I think Reinier was hostile enough without the aid of a mean expression, lol. It helped to show that he does love her in his own way. :)

    9. I do that too!

      Maybe I should clarify, I change my story to fit the poses because I don't want inconsistant pictures.
      I did it with April's last chapter. I forgot to look for broken plates/glass so I had to improvise and had Jason throwing chairs around the room.
      Lol, just one downside...

      I know what you mean about the commenting thing. Sometimes you have to re-read or let it sink in before commenting, because you just don't know what to say!

      And, yeah, versitile poses: the scene I've used 18 for is very different to what they're used for in Summerdream.

      I could never CG pics to make poses look right. I'm so bad at that kind of stuff. You saw my weatherstone pic. LOL! I just decide it doesn't matter if they clip, because maybe people won't notice...

      Anyway, this comment is more than long enough, I think...

    10. I try find a camera angle where you can't see the clipping too badly. But sometimes, I just let it go, too, figuring we all have to deal with that and can forgive it when we see it on other stories.
      That picture is hilarious, Gem!
      I did love being able to have Reinier express his possessive and controlling ways without having to use anger and hostility, too, so the 18 poses were really just what I needed there.

    11. gemly, that photo is hilarious! My daughters were mad at me about something, and then I clicked that link and started laughing and they thought I was laughing at them. You just about got me in more trouble LOL.
      Oh, about the Greg shot. I like that it's like Elena is dreaming and while she sleeps Greg visits her in spirit since she never really stopped loving him even though he was an ass. (run-on sentence like mad)

      Mhm, yangthecat, it's all a question of angles. (and for some reason that made me think of the hand motions thing LOL)

  3. I love this set, I will be using them I am sure somewhere!!

    1. Thank you very much!!! You're so talented yourself that this is a nice compliment. :)

  4. So adorable!!
    I love 15 and 16 <3
    Wasn't it the one someone requested from you?
    I see it found a 'home' in this pack ;)
    Thank you!

    1. Silly me, I went through it again to get the pictures and you actually say so (about the request)
      I need a break!! xD

    2. Hehe, well I'm glad you remember when I showed it to you. Yeah, I never did find out if the person that requested it was happy or even wanted it, but I kept it anyway obviously. :-) I need more cuddle poses anyway for variety.
      Lol, don't sweat it. Thanks for putting it on the site!

  5. Replies
    1. Wonderful! Now, use them and write more chapters! *taps foot* :-)

    2. Yes, Misty. Stop making RH rugs and other tuning files that we need, and get back to Ouroboros! :p

  6. I could not download it it said this link is forbidden in your country can you arrange this I really like that pose!