Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jesse Pack

Here are 8 sets of poses made specifically for my adorable character, Jesse, in A Story With No Title.

Pose list compatible
snap together





 3f is a variation of 1f, but I wanted to turn her head to suit my own needs and to have her look at 3m. The beer bottle is from Around the Sims.


I realize this one very similar matches to the 'brooding' idle after moviemakercheatsenabled true. I'd realized this after I made it, but I'd still made it anyway so there ya go.



Donovan, you sneaky, sneaky boy, sneaking into Jesse's pose pack like this. Oh well, at least you look good doing it.



This last one is obviously very similar to 7, but I wanted it this way for my story. Also, in the picture, if you can see it, his fingers go into hers a tiny bit. That has been fixed.

As usual, let me know if there are any problems!


  1. Wow! I love them ALL! Lol, I think I say that with all your pose packs, but it's especially true for this set. My favorites are...

    #2- It's just so sweet! <3

    #3- I was looking for a pose like that just the other day! It will work really well for a waitress/customer type of scenario.

    #5- Probably my favorite of them all. =) It looks so wonderfully angst-y, and I definitely see myself using it way too often.

    #7 & #8- I actually love poses that are similar but different, especially couple type poses. They work well for scenes with more dialogue that require multiple photos.

    They're all really wonderful though. You're very talented. Thank you for all your hard work! =D

    1. Sorry, I always forget to write my smilies with a colon instead of an equal sign on here. Those three random scribbles are my attempts at a smile. Lol, very sorry about that!

    2. ~ I will be downloading these,you don't know but I lost my hard drives in my PC so lost all my Sims stuff!
      ~ I say,this is not a bad thing,as I have to start again,but need poses for our story,so thanks for these,& all your other poses,I love them all!
      ~ Thank you! (",)
      -PS~ Yes My new PC

    3. Buckley -
      Don't worry about the smilies lol. I know what you mean. It's my fault that I wanted a strange font. I like strange fonts hehe. #2 sweet is what I was going for :) #3 hehe, good because that's exactly what it is! #5 is my favorite too. They're not actually touching so it'll be easy to mix and match with others. #7 & 8 I'm glad, because that's what I needed to do. Have fun using them! =)

      Karima -
      ~That sucks to have lost all your stuff!
      ~Starting again sucks, but at least you can be selective on what CC you really want, and I'm glad my poses is part of that!
      ~You're welcome!
      ~Glad you got a new PC! (even tho it's a result of a super crash) :)

  2. So much emotion in them! I really love these! Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. :)

  3. Jesse <3
    Oh... Hey Donny, don't you look good?
    Love them all, and had wondered if you'd ever release them because 1 is really old now and I love his cheeky grin :p
    Thank youuuuu
    And, please tell me you won't be rushing off to sims 4 next year? :'(

    1. Also, correct me if I'm being stupid, but "Pose pack compatible" should be "Pose list compatible", right?

    2. I fixed the error. I've just been 'pose pack pose pack pose pack' on the brain.
      :) Most of my stuff, expect to see it sooner or later once I complete enough of them to think it's worth the effort to release. If there's anything you see that you think I may have done and you want it, I can shoot over to you via fb if you want.
      glad you like them. :)

  4. EEE!I was hoping to see these released.

    So, um, does the Jesse pack come with free pair of panties? *ducks*

    Donny's looking cute!

    1. Now, you know Jesse isn't giving away his collection of 'left behind' lingerie, etc.
      Loving Donny.
      Glad you like the poses. :D

    2. Okay, then, I'll just donate a pair of my panties to Jesse, then, ;)

    3. LMAO! I'm sure he'd appreciate any addition. Maybe a new bra for the timed competition that will inevitably happen again. :)

    4. Another timed competition? I'm trying to picture Erin and Marie's reaction to that.

      Knee, meet groin. Oh wait, Jesse's knee is already well acquainted with that part of Marie's anatomy.

    5. Hehe, somehow I don't see either of them signing up to the be the 'mannequin'.
      I think you got Jesse and Marie backwards, but yes. :D

    6. LOL, I did get that backwards. I'm sure Jesse would like to introduce more of his anatomy to that part of Marie's, but his groin probably want to avoid meeting her knee again.

  5. Oo! I see something I can use for Dustin! At some future, undetermined date :P

    Muchas gracias para tu arte. And stuff.

    1. Thanks for the TEASE!!!! *pants, chomping a the bit*

      De nada.

  6. a_mypalsim_jesse_2m and a_mypalsim_jesse_2f are NOT in my pose list