Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fourth Couples Set

More couples poses!
pose list compatible
snap together







(I got the idea for this one from the front of a romance novel.)

As usual, let me know if there are any problems!


  1. Nice set!
    I love the Ginger & Desmond pose.
    And Bryce leading Erin by the hand. I know I'll get lots of use of that.

    1. Thanks!
      :) Desmond being sweet and kissing the boo-boo? I like that one too. Shocked the hell out of Ginger when he did it.
      That leading by the hand one was a request from jbfairybird, and it got slapped into this set. It's a great idea.

  2. Ooh, I love the romance novel one! It's Don's face. The expression, I mean. We already know he's hot. (It probably helped, though)

    I like how the female AMiT one can be used alone. I enjoy mixing and matching poses, so that's something I'll definately use. Especially as it's a kinda worried/depressed expression (you've read my legacy... Although tomorrows chapter is happy! And the one after!! And that's as far as I've written, but I don't think the one after will be too happy)

    And the Jesse/Marie one (did I see you were releasing a second 'Jesse' set? He has a lot of his own poses, lucky man), There isn't enough variety of picking up poses, so they're always good. And the walking one too. Most of the walking as a couple ones look a bit wooden, but this one looks like Bryce has just seen a mermaid wash up and wants to show Erin, but she doesn't really believe him and is letting him drag her along. Humouring him, of course.

    And I like the Ginger/Desmond one too, but I didn't intend for this comment to become an anaysis of each pose...
    It's because I caught up with the reading (nearly 5 hours later) and am excited to get to bed. ;)

    1. :D Just picture Karri in a long, flowing skirt. I probably should've changed her clothes for the shoot, but I was lazy and I didn't know I would use that pic as THE pic until later. I love that expression on Don's face. He has such an expressive face too, and it's his good side.

      I wanted to point that out, hence the solitary pic. I love mixing and matching to get variety.. even if it means a little CGing has to be done.
      LOL you mean you have worried/depressed sims in your legacy? huh. I never woulda guessed. hehe.

      Yeah, I'm releasing a Jesse set. That man makes me want to create more because I want him looking a certain way that I can't easily find.
      :) That pose was when Desmond carried off a pissed off Ginger, but at the time of the chapter, Ginger looked like she was floating, and it really needed lots of work. It was that pose that made this take longer.
      I worry that walking pose looks too wooden, but I made a grand attempt. jbfairybird requested that one, saying the same thing you did... there aren't enough out there.
      Mermaid... lol. :)

      Analyze away! I think that Ginger/Desmond one is really hot esp cuz Desmond can be such an ass. I hope the pose conveys the hotness all on its own.

  3. I love your poses and I also downloaded them.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy them. :)