Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jesse's second pack

Here's another pack created especially for my adorable character Jesse from my story A Story With No Title
It just happens that the chapters I write for him need different types of poses.

Pose list compatible
snap together





(pinky finger has been straightened)

phone accessory by Severinka found here
(as an accessory and misc decor)


As always, let me know if there are any problems!

Coming soon:

More phone poses!


  1. Sweet! I love them all. Jesse's adorable smile is adorable. =D
    Also, lol, I love how your labels tell a story.

    1. Adorable is the perfect word for him. I don't know how he'd respond to that. He'd probably like it but wonder why I didn't use a different word like sexy or hot or charming or funny, etc. :)
      You mean by the numbers or the crazy stuff I put into the list thing? hehe. Either way, it's funny that you can tell when it was made and what was going on roughly. :)

    2. Yeah, the label list thing. I love how this one goes from argue to woohoo with some kisisng and fighting in the middle. =P
      Jesse is adorably sexy and charming. How's that?

    3. You know, I put those things in since I don't have any other way this stuff is 'organized' other than the archive, and then I forget all about it. LOL Yes, I see what you mean!
      I think that works. You've placated his ego. :)

  2. Uh, I have a problem.
    Jesse is too damn cute, and I can't stop looking at him!
    He looks like a child at christmas in that last one <3

    Love them, of course.

    1. IKR! I had the hardest time picking which pic would go in the story for that pose, so I put this one in as the 'pose pic' since it was my second favorite, and it shows those impossible hands.
      I'm getting better at capturing the exact grin I want. That one comes very close. ;)
      I just wanna pinch his cheeks! Yes those!

    2. Those fingers... I'd have thrown my laptop out the window with rage. Well done for having the patience for that!
      Yes, smiles are surprisingly hard, aren't they? I don't think we realise quite how much of our faces move for a smile.
      All his cheeks, yes? ;)

      Ok, number 10. Is that seated, standing or lying? J/W and maybe (whenever you have time) put a full body shot of that one for people who come across this later so you don't have to keep answering questions.

    3. I just about did. What finally did it for me is that I allowed myself to have the fingers going into one another a smidge like they do irl.
      Of course all the cheeks!

      It's standing. Good idea. I'm writing it down, and I'll add it once I have it. The legs below are pretty standard standing, but it would be good to see anyway. Thanks!